Kutafin University Law Review

In issue 2 on 2014 year


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Author: Elza Reymond-Eniaeva

Rubric: Economic Integration

Annotation: Confi dentiality is one of the most controversial topics in international commercial arbitration. Most inexperienced users simply presume that the arbitration proceedings are confi dential. Those with more experience realize that this is not simply a black-and-white issue, and in the absence of an express agreement and specifi c regulation, confi dentiality will not be guaranteed. Given the multitude of sources, it is not easy to determine whether the relevant person is bound by the confi dentiality obligations regarding the documents or information related to the arbitration proceedings. It is therefore essential to identify the relevant sources. The subject matter of this article is limited to examination of such sources as an express agreement, international arbitration rules, generally accepted arbitral practice, national case law, and legislation. Based on this analysis, it becomes clear that the involved parties’ autonomy regarding the existence and scope of confi dentiality of the arbitral proceedings is very important. For the parties seeking some predictability, it is therefore advisable to conclude an express agreement, as well as to carefully choose the seat of the arbitration, the law applicable to the contract, the applicable procedural rules, and the institutional arbitration rules.

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Keywords: Confi dentiality, confi dentiality obligations, international commercialarbitration, presumption of confi dentiality, sources of confi dentialityobligations


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